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We invest in our technology to ensure our customers receive a secure, accurate and reliable service from us

Investment in technology is vital to ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience on every step of the logistics chain.

We manage a secure, reliable and resilient IT infrastructure covering all areas of the business including warehousing and transport­. Our advanced systems provide seamless integration with customers’ IT systems, improving the accuracy and timeliness of data transfer.

Our warehouse management system (WMS) provides configurable receipt and despatch options, stock management, reporting and traceability with the flexibility to handle multiple variations. It includes real-time wireless tasking and seamless application interfaces, integrating with your systems for automated Electronic Data Interfaces (EDI). Our WMS customer portal provides access to view and report on current stock position, live pick status and historical reporting.

Our Traffic Management System (TMS), is a fully customisable application with a status/event driven design. The system is capable of integrating with our customers’ IT systems in order to send and receive EDI information for the automated management of traffic orders. Using geo-positioning the TMS can provide real-time information of the status of collections and deliveries. Accessible through our customer portal, customers are able to track order status and proof of delivery. Our vehicles have access to our TMS and are able to provide real time feedback and POD capture.

Many customers prefer to establish data interfaces providing real time order placement and automation of updates. We have worked with many of our customers to provide such interfaces for both WMS and TMS systems.

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • UK, European and global bookings
  • Complete supply chain tracking and tracing
  • WMS, warehouse management system
  • TMS, transport management system
  • Online reporting and enquiry
  • Proof of delivery (POD)

We invest in our technology to ensure our customers receive a secure, accurate and reliable service from us.

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